My Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine

“Oh I don’t have time for makeup” or “That takes too long to do” or even “I can’t make it look that nice”. I hear these things all the time and to be real with you, before I had kids I used to think seriously makeup doesn’t take THAT long. Then… I too had kids and didn’t care what I looked like – I wanted to tell people (my mom especially lol) to just be happy that I showered and changed my shirt before I went outside! But it dawned on me that makeup doesn’t really that long, in fact you can do the smallest thing to make yourself look more awake and put together! For me, the thing I have to do is moisturize and put my brows on, watch the video and you’ll understand why my brows are a must lol.
The products I used in the video are listed here:
Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – absolutely in love with this! You’ll see that I use it everyday, it makes my skin glow and keeps it moisturized!
Beauty Blender – you need to have this! Why? This is an all over the face beauty tool, you can use it for foundation, concealer, to blend your contour, baking, etc… instead of having multiple brushes.
I use many foundations, the one from this video is the Lorac POREfection Foundation that I bought at Ulta. This is more of a full coverage foundation, which I like because it lasts throughout the day.
My go to concealer has been L.A. Girl HD PRO Conceal. There are plenty of things that I love about this concealer. I use it over my foundation to spot correct or under your eyes to cover those pesky dark circles. It is crease proof, just make sure that you blend it into the skin well. The great part about this concealer is the price, it’s $5! I’ve also found a 3 pack on Amazon for $9.99.
Contour – I used a darker foundation stick that I found at walmart… It’s Flower’s Skincognito. You can use any foundation/concealer that is 2 to 3 shades darker than your face.
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – If you’re like me and need to fill in your brows, you defintely need this! It’s easy to use, forgiving if you make mistakes, and it lasts forever. Just make sure that you aren’t leaving it in places that can get too warm.  Did I mention it’s waterproof?
Eyeshadows: I have been loving this M.A.C. combo lately, mainly because it stays put… as long as you are using a good eyeshadow base – NYX Proof It Eyeshadow base is my go to! One of the products I used on my lid was a Fluid Line color called Deliciously Rich It has a hint of gold glitter so it really makes your eyes pop. You don’t have to use an eye shadow on top of it if you don’t want to but if you want to set it I used an eyeshadow called Botanical, it’s discontinued so your next bet is a color called Satin Taupe.
Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen – My new go to liquid eyeliner! This is a favorite of mine and I’ve only had it for a week or so… it’s highly pigmented, goes on easily, and is forgiving – everything you want from a black liquid liner. You can see how easily it was applied and that there is no tugging on the eyelid needed. This also comes in eggplant… I’ll be adding it to the collection soon.
I hope that you guys found this post valuable and realize that makeup doesn’t have to take too long. I also hope that you give this a shot!
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