The Hype is Real: Tarte’s Clay Paint Liner

 I have so many products that I want to share with you but this pretty little lady right here just skipped to the front of the line. Everything that you have read online about this liner is true, it’s the best! I needed an eyeliner that was going to last me through the day, be the blackest black, and not be a pain in the butt to remove. I got all of that and more from this product.

First thoughts:

I looked in the box and thought, “Wow there’s a lot a packaging going on for such small products”. All that’s in there is the liner and a bamboo brush lol!

Initially, I was a little worried about the quality of the brush as I am really picky about the brushes I use. But this brush is perfect, just the right amount of firmness yet still flexible when you push down. I really love that you’re able to get a really thin line from it as well.

The product was a little thin, imagine the texture if gel liner and liquid had a baby. When it comes out of the tube it’s pretty shinny, but don’t worry it dries matte. The best part about this is that it doesn’t dry fast and you can work with it. Most people have trouble if their hands aren’t steady and the product dries too fast making. Liquid tends to be unforgiving too. Don’t be afraid of that when using this product. This product is also a rich black, so I was really happy with the color.

Day 2:

On my 2nd day with this product I was thinking that the brush was going to be caked with product and not as flexible as it was when it was clean. With a couple pushes of the brush into the palm of my hand it was as good as new. This time I had a better idea of what the product was going to be like so I was able to play around more. I did an extreme wing and even made a mistake! Once I realized that my wings were uneven I picked the one that I didn’t like and rubbed it with the tip of my finger, just like that I had a semi clean canvas to work with again!

Check out my lines! Not my best work but not bad for doing it in a tiny car mirror, don’t worry I was parked.

Overall, I am really happy with this product. A little goes a long way so you’ll probably have this for a while! I’m recommending this to everyone and anyone, especially because it’s almost “Winged eyes and Red lips” season.

Quick tips:

Although this is easy to use and more forgiving than liquid eyeliner use SHORT STROKES when applying your liner. If you don’t have a steady hand rest your elbow on something flat.

Worried about uneven wings? Add a small dot of eyeshadow where you want your wing’s tip to end on both eyes. Step back from the mirror and check to see if those dots are even, adjust as necessary. Once those dots are even connect them to the rest of your liner =)


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