Buying what’s right for you

Hey everyone! Sorry to go missing for so long! I started a new job with an hour long commute each way, so to say I needed some time to transition is an understatement. That said I’m sorry I was gone for so long but rest assured  I have some great stuff you guys in the next coming weeks. 

I read an article today about decluttering your makeup collection and there were a few pieces that really stuck out to me, now I’m sharing them with you. 

When started Binge and Splurge I had a feeling I was going to waste some money trying products I didn’t end up liking or buying items that I thought I needed as an artist that I really didn’t. So in order to avoid those two issues I only bought things that I knew I’d use on my own face. I will admit that I fell for the hype about certain products and brands though. 

Social media did a great job and making me lust for items only to find them in the store and be let down. Word to the wise, shopping g for make up is like shopping for clothes. If you don’t love it in the store you’ll never love it at home. When I was working retail I would see so many ladies buy $300 worth of makeup only to return it a few days later. When you ask what happened, they would say I brought it all home and I don’t know how to use it. Or even worse they would admit that they don’t have time to put everything on. Save yourself the drama ladies, only buy what you know you are going to use. 

Another thing we all hate to do but should is purge all the items we haven’t used or items that have gone bad. Every item has a shelf life. Anything moist (creams, lotions, etc.) should be tossed out in 6 months. Lipsticks typically last 12 months and eyeshadows are about 18 months. The hardest part about letting go is knowing that you haven’t used all of it and now you have to throw it out. But going back to the point abov, only buy what you know you’re going to use. Also, don’t try a new eye cream until you’ve used most of the one you currently have. This way you aren’t tempted to replenish something sooner than needed. 

The last thing I’ll share with everyone is to have a good majority of staple items. Myself for example, I have 1 bronzer that I use year round. When I want a deeper glow, I build it up to a darker shade and vice versa. The same thing goes with my blushes, I have a deeper winter blush and one that works perfect for spring/summer. Having a few lipstick shades works, you can always switch up your liner if you want to change the color a bit. 

What I’m pretty much trying to say is that you don’t have to have a full blown makeup counter in your bedroom 🙂 


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