New Lipstick Alert

I got this Trestique lipstick in my November Ipsy bag, at first I thought “Aw man the lipstick cap came off!”. Then I fished it out of the bag and realized oh wait that’s the SHAPE of the cap. Super cute!

Tis’ the season of red lipsticks and let’s be real, not all of them look good on me. Some of them are so red that I look like Ronald McDonald and others are more on the fuchsia side which makes me feel like an 80s queen. I’m happy to say, this one is pretty much perfect!

The sample that I received is only a the Matte Lipstick, the real product comes as half Matte Lipstick and half Shiny Balm. Their Shiny Balms are ‘infused with Cocoa Butter, Monhoi Tahiti Butter, Peach Oil and Olive Fruit Oil’ making them moisturizing and perfect for the winter months.

Overall I am happy with how it feels on my lips, long lasting, and it’s a red that doesn’t bleed.  I would say that it will stand up against a cup of coffee but not through dinner and dessert.

I have used it with a lipliner but it’s nice to know that it can go alone too. I don’t know how I feel about the price through, I guess $24 isn’t too bad if you get a lipstick and gloss too. I would like to order more things from their site to see how I feel about their products over all, scratch that I’ll order a few things right now =)

Adding some lip liner really makes a difference though, you’ll love that the lip liner I used in the picture below was Jordana’s and only $1.99 from my local Lucky’s.



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