Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless concealer – my new must have 

After a huge Ulta purchase I received an amazing goodie bag of over 20 samples – there truly are perks to shopping now online. One of the sample packs was Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. I’ve been wanting to try this concealer for a while now, because I have heard so many great things about it, sure enough I love it! I have been using it with my Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and it’s been perfect!

 My first thoughts on the texture – there’s no way this is going to stay put under my eyes. It is very creamy, in my experience anything too creamy has moved around under my eyes and got into my fine lines. I was surprised to make it through a 12 hour day and see that for the most part everything stayed in place. The colors are deciving though, I think you’d have a hard time purchasing them online without seeing them first. Since I had a 4 pack sample I tried Fairly Light Neutral first, it looked really gray under my eyes – for sure too light for me. The next color was Light Medium and it was perfect! I’ve been applying this with my Real Techniques setting brush. Now I know I said that this wore really well thoughout the day, I should let you know that I set it with Nars pressed powder in Beach.

Not only is this concealer creamy, it’s pigmented. If you have dark circles, this could be a great option for you. I had some blemishes that I wanted to cover and I’m about 80% happy with the coverage. I’d say that this works best for blemishes that are still firm, not the blemishes that are ready to pop. Hopefully you get what I mean without me having to get into the details. I found that on my larger blemishes this moved around too much… Something no one wants when they are attempting to convey flawless skin.

Overall, I really like this for daily use. It’s everything you’d want from a concealer. I’m heading over to Ulta to purchase one right now 😊

Below is a picture of me on my way to work. I like to focus on glowing skin rather than artistry most days  I love how bright it looks under my eyes. I must say that the under eye brightener and this concealer make a great pair! 


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