Are eyelash extensions worth the money?

I’ve debated on lash extensions for years now. My really good friend got them on a trip to Asia 4+ years ago and I fell in love. The only thing that stunk was that they were $300 for a full set and $125 for refills. Super expensive!

Earlier this year I went to the Philippines and had my shot at getting  lashes for $12 US dollars, at that price who could say no? Well $15 and 2 hours later I was hooked.

The only part I didn’t like was that I knew when I got home I probably wouldn’t be able to invest in lashes at their US price point. So as time carried on I replaced my extensions with Ardell individuals, I was happy with them but hated the way they grew out. When you’re working with clusters you don’t have much control over them as they grow and sometimes they are too heavy for your natural lashes to hold up. It wasn’t a bad choice though and it was cost effective. If you choose to go this route you need steady hands, the last thing you want is to practically super glue your eyes shut 😑

After a while I got tired of doing my own lashes and decided to give my eyelashes a rest. By rest I meant that I was moving to strip lashes instead lol. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you admit you have a problem! Eyelashes are addicting- they open up your eyes, make you look refreshed, and are beautiful. I love that it looks like I have liner on even though I don’t. It works great for those of us with hooded eyes too! You can tell from the picture below why I am addicted!

  I have switched my routine from needed eye makeup everyday to just needing foundation, brows, and some blush. If you’re thinking about doing it make sure you do your research… some places are cheap for a reason, others are expensive for no reason at all. If you’re in the San Francisco area I highly recommend LashLab on Union Street.

You can find great deals on Groupon or Living Social as well. A lot of the deals come from people getting started in the business, you have the chance to find someone really special at a great rate! Good Luck!


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