Dry hands? Let Ahava’s Mineral Hand Cream save you! 

I received a sample of this hand cream in an Ulta goodie bag back in December. To put it simply I am picky about my hand creams, I need something moisturizing, not too greasy, and doesn’t have to be put on every couple of hours. I was a long time lover of OPI’s Avoplex Hand Lotion for a really like time. I even tried Tatcha’s hand cream and was semi pleased. Then I got this sample and my life changed! It’s a rich formula that melts into your hands as you rub them together. The great part about it is that you don’t have to keep putting lotion on your hands throughout the day. I keep a stash in my purse and at both of my desks. I noticed my hubby getting a lot of hangnails and suggested that he try this cream throughout the day. We’ve seen a huge improvement in the softness of his hands and he tells me that he’s been using it everyday.

If you’re lucky you’ll find these in a mini size at Macy’s, they had them in a Holiday set and that set is now going for about $7 for both a hand cream and a body lotion. You’ll have to go into the store and check their Impulse department. If you want to purchase online you’ll have better luck – they have a travel size for $10 and their larger size for $23.


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