BECCA’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

Sometimes I think this page should just focus on foundations, it seems like all I am doing is falling in and out of love with them. That said, I have another review for you!

I walked into Sephora determined to get my hands on some Becca mineral powder foundations but they didn’t have them there. Still determined to spend money I started playing with their liquid foundations. I found their Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme and I was pretty excited about them after one pump. These wouldn’t really fall under liquid but they wouldn’t be cream either, image the texture if liquid and cream had a baby – that’s the best description. They have a good amount of color choices which is great for those of us that find ourselves in between shades at other lines. They are also matte!

I read online that this a long lasting foundation. That alone was motivation for me to try it – you guys know my days are long. I hate the days where you want to grab a drink after work and you look in the mirror only to find that half your face has melted off and you could cook eggs on your t-zone. So if this long lasting thing was true, I was sold. Well ladies and gents it’s true, 12 to 16 hours is what you really get.

I have been using this with a damp beauty blender to help blend it into my skin. I’ve also tried it with M.A.C.’s Oval 6 Brush and Sephora’s Multitasker brush and I loved it. I’d say a pump and a half is all you need for evenly built medium coverage. If you need heavier coverage then you can use more. I use it after putting on my Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and and the are a match made in heaven, matte all day and coverage that doesn’t break down on you – couldn’t ask fo rme.

Lately I have bee using thins use this everyday and I think most of you can. If you aren’t a fan of medium to heavy coverage you can save this for special occasions or a night out.


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