M.A.C. lowers their prices and has a 30% sale!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.51.28 PM

I didn’t think it was true when I heard it on Makeup Mayhem Maquillaje’s blog but I verified it myself. For those of you who are located near a M.A.C. freestanding store you can now purchase their Pro Palette Refill  Eyeshadow pans for $6 now vs the $10 that they used to sell them for! You can also order them online.  This is cheaper than what I used to buy them for when I was working there lol. Keep in mind that the single shadows in the pot are selling for $16, so you’re actually saving a ton now.

The question is why are they doing this? Is it because they finally realized that there are quality brands out there selling their single shadows or even palette’s for cheaper, yes I’m talking about Morphe here. Or are they going to do move away from these single shadows and all together and are looking to get rid of them quickly? Either way we, the consumer, win.

I was on their site today and also found that they are selling their discontinued items at 30% off retail price. There is a great mix of lipstick shades, lip glass colors, palettes, and items from their Brooke Candy release over there. Check it out!


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