Trust Fund Beauty -No Filter 

I received this polish in my July Ipsy Glam bag. I loved the color the minute I saw it and was pretty exited to try it out. So excited that I took with me while camping…

Yes, that’s me with a mosquito net hat on doing my nails in the woods. I work 60 hours a week and this was the ONLY time I would have to do my nails. It’s fine you can judge me.

I was surprised by the quality of this brand. Trust Fund Beauty knows that they are doing when it comes to polishes, No Filter does not disappoint.  I hate runny polishes that are too thin and take 3+ coats to achieve full coverage. This polish only needed 1 coat but I added a 2nd for good measure.

The brush is amazing, with just the right amount of fanning to get into the tight corners of your nails and the right level of bend.

I’m a huge fan of neutral beige colors. I used to love white polishes but I actually like the way these slightly grey colors look on both my fingers and my toes. I’d say this color is more of a grey lavender than a grey beige. I think this might give me the chance to give my favorite OPI color a rest for a couple of weeks.

Although this polish is a little on the thicker side it still dried fast without any dents. As always I used Seche Vite as my top coat to ensure high shine.


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