No makeup Friday/ Babylips ‘MyPink’ review 

Fridays are my work from home days and I spend most if not all of it makeupless! Its a great feeling to not have to put on any makeup and to let my skin “breathe” yet there are the moments when I run to grab some coffee and need a little something to keep me from looking like death.  

I had been on the hunt to find this particular color of Maybelline’s Babylips in My Pink. I mean a literal hunt, 2 ultas, every drug store, and I finally hit gold at a Walmart outside of Sacramento, Ca. What makes this particular color so special is that it reacts to the Ph levels in your body to give you the perfect pink shade for you. Compared to to the cost of alternatives, this won’t hurt your wallet. The Lipstick Queen version, Frog Prince, costs $25. 

While I don’t feel like this is very moisturizing I do like the color. It gives me just the right hint of pink. Due to the fact of it not being moisturizing enough I’d definitely give the Lipstick Queem version a shot. 


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