Maybelline’s Better Skin Powder review 

I received this product for free for testing purposes from Influenster. If you’re looking for a site that provides consumers with awesome products to test out I highly recommend signing up with them. First of all let me say I’m not a powder foundation wearer at all. I’ve always been a liquid lover! I always found powder foundations too drying on my conbination type skin.  I use a powder to set my foundation but never go with powder alone. I was definitely surprised that this isn’t drying nor does it make my skin feel tight. 

This is a medium coverage foundation that you can definitely build up. I loved that when I put it on you could still see my freckles. I wanted to show you what the powder looks like without any other “assistance”, the picture below is with no concealer and no contour just a little blush. 

Maybelline did a great job creating a product for all skin tones, there are plenty of shades available. 

Most don’t know that this foundation contains salysilic acid which is why it’s called Better Skin Foundation! It’s also oil free and keeps you matte all day. After 6 hours of wear I needed to reapply in my t-zone but I was thankful that I didn’t look greasy. 

At $10.99 you really cannot beat the price of this foundation. I have been using it for the past 2 days and I love it. I love that I can quickly throw it on add some blush and run out the door. I’d definitely repurchase this product.  

To purchase your own you can buy them at any Drugstore, Target, UltaWalmart, or even the Maybelline website


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