Can Nordstrom Rack be a beauty destination?

I recently found myself at a Nordtrom Rack on the hunt for Birkenstock sandals and all black school shoes for my daughter. What I didn’t realize is that the Rack has really stepped their beauty game up.

They now carry a mix of luxury and drugstore brands in their cosmetics area. I was especially surprised to see Limecrime, Michael Kors fragrance, Urban Decay, and more – at least 40% off!

You can tell from the pictures that some items were last season or special edition packs.

I was especially excited for the value size Fredrick Fekkai shampoo! The small size runs for $24 at stores like Nordstrom, Target, Ulta but here it goes for $28.97!

Nordstrom Rack operates online at This site only sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. Your best bet is to subscribe to Haute Look, they make bulk purchases with certain brands and then offer a discount to the consumer. I suggest you do your research to make sure you really are getting a good deal, I’ve seen them exaggerate the original retail price just to make the discount look higher.


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