Lilumia’s Brush Cleaning Machine 

I’ve been wanting one of these Lilumia Brush Cleaning Machines for a while, I held off for a really long time, almost long enough to be proud of myself lol. I saw an instgram ad with a promotion for buy now pay later and I knew I had to pull the trigger, boy am I glad I did! They are available in 4 colors, of course I chose black for mine.Cleaning my brushes used to take an hour or more and I felt like I was wasting a lot of water while rinsing. This machine has liaterally changed my brush cleaning game for the better.

All you have to do is fill the water chamber with warm water, place your brushes into the holder, add in the liquid soap and press the button. Your brushes will go through three cycles: wash, rinse, rinse. All the dirty water is drained into a dirty chamber that is dumped at the end. It takes about 15 minutes to go through all three cycles.


  • Less water wasted
  • Lilumia soap dries quckly without drying out your brushes
  • Simple process
  • Easy to set up and take apart


  • Limited number of brushes can be cleaned at a time – 6 medium width handles, only 1 spot big enough for large/wide handles
  • Best used with Lilumia brand soap
  • Pricey investment

All the cons set aside this is a great tool for any makeup lover or makeup artist.

I also just realized they are on sale and are now selling bundles!


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