Review: Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipsticks 

I decided to give these liquid lipsticks a try after what seemed like months of oogling them on Instagram. I picked up Cher and Dreamweaver and must admit I was really excited for them to arrive. They came within a week and in this really cute box.


I must admit I was bummed when I opened up the box, these lipsticks are so small! I felt like I got duped into purchasing a sample size. The containers are tiny and thin, there can’t possibly be THAT much product in there. You can see from the picture below they are shorter and thinner than a Sharpie marker for the cost of $20. I definitely would make sure I had a coupon code if I purchase these again.

As far as the product goes I am pretty happy with these. They stay on for a long time and are not too drying. Dreamweaver is a metallic, so the texture is way more gritty.

I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of the metallic lip craze. I think i need to find a better lip pencil to line my lips or maybe if I layer it on top of another color I’ll like it more.

Overall, I like the product that Gerard Cosmetics offers, if only their products came in a larger size. I often see them offering 45% off codes, that will be the only time I make a purchase with them unfortunately.


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