Got acne?

For the last 4 years I struggled with adult acne. It may sound vain but it was so horrible and embassing. I haven’t had acne since I was in my teens and there I was at 27 with horrible cystic acne that never seemed to go away. I attempted everything get rid of my acne- scrubs, expensive treatments,  medications, etc. You name it and I tried it, nothing worked. I couldn’t go out without covering up my blemishes. I felt like they were even more obvious once I had make up on. Even worse, how was I supposed to blog about beauty while I had acne? 

I was told that it could be a bunch of different things causing my acne. Doctors said it was hormones, estheticians said it was my birth control and to get off Mirena, a few friends said it could be something I was eating. Which got me thinking, what do I eat consistently?

My son is allergic to milk, not allergic to cheese or ice cream, just milk. There’s something about milk that makes his eczema flare up. I found this out pulled milk from his diet while on vacation in the Philippines and there was no access to milk. When we came home he started drinking milk again and a few days later the eczema came back. It made me wonder if my acne could be from the milk I was drinking in my daily lattes. In an act of desperation I gave up milk on the first of the year and two weeks later my acne had subsided. Sure enough it was MILK causing my acne. 4 years of pimple drama all came from my daily need for a latte?!? 

Moral of the story, if you’ve tried lots of topical creams for you acne consider what you’re putting in your body. It can take up to a month to see the results, be committed to the journey. I also realized that everything tastes better with milk 😦 I’m very fortunate to have access to almond and coconut milk at my coffee shops. 

Here’s a shot of my before and after. 

Now just dealing with some small acne and discoloration
Before removing milk from my diet

P.S. Stay away from soy products as an alternative to milk. I tried it once and broke out even worse than when drinking milk. The way we grow soy in the U.S. is crazy, it’s filled it pesticides and other hormones that aren’t good for you. 


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