Image skincare tinted moisturizer SPF30 review

I’ve never been a fan of sunscreen; I put it on my kids but I don’t put it on myself. I know, I know you all must be freaking out right now. I never liked the feel of it, it was always so greasy. It also discolored my skin, I felt like I was walking around looking like Casper. While on a quick business trip to Arizona I got a facial and at the end my esthetician handed me a sample pack of Image Skincare’s SPF moisturizers and begged me to try them. I told her I would and didn’t pay too much attention to them after that. Six months later I found them in what I refer to as my drawer of samples lol. I felt compelled to try them just to see if they were as good as everything else from this brand. 

I regret not trying this sooner. My skin in changing now that I’ve hit 30 and I fully regret not taking better care of it in the past. I tried it for a week and was in love. I went on a hunt for it since you cannot order Image Skincare online, you have to go to an authorized reseller and pray they have it or ask them to special order it. 

Reasons why I love it

  1. Resonably priced $36
  2. Lightly tinted and looks good on everyone. My sister and I are 2 shades apart and we can both use this
  3. Looks great alone and provides enough coverage to even out your skintone
  4. Wears well under makeup too. I find that I’m less greasy when I wear this under my foundation
  5. Is has SPF and you already know I hate SPF lol

I highly recommend this product and brand to anyone and everyone.

Find retailers via their site:
This picture was taken after a day at the beach in 90 degree weather in Southern Claifornia. It made it though the whole day, unfortunately my hair did not 😂


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